Come and Unjudge Someone

in person at the 5th annual Sedona Human Library™


In the Human Library, you “borrow” a person instead of a book. As a “reader,” you listen to and experience truth telling stories shared by “Human Books” who have been challenged by prejudice.

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Act now to be sure to get your choice of books and to explore stereotypes further.

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As readers you will select up to 3 40-minute sessions to “read” a live Human Book.

You are encouraged to choose books you may hold a negative opinion of, prejudice towards, or even contempt for.

Listen to each book’s story of being marginalized, stereotyped, or stigmatized for their differences.

Ask questions of curiosity and engage in dialogue.

See if your understanding and compassion for those with whom you have differed begins to shift.

Sometimes the one thing holding connections at bay is a lack of understanding.

In four years over 100 people have shared their stories as Human Books in Sedona with over 300 ‘readers’ as part of an international movement:

Explore the 2021 Human books


Learn about the stereotypes offered in the 5TH Annual Sedona Human Library through movies, books, articles that will prepare you newly for this dynamic and transformative event for our community and beyond!


“The Human Books were able to help us uncover the subtle, hidden biases in us.”

“I came as a skeptic and went away with more understanding and acceptance of one’s spiritual journey whose is different than mine.”

“Just do it again and again. This kind of sharing was so emotionally healing for us as listening and being able to ask questions.”

“I learned how political labels limit people’s ability to view others as people too.”

“It brings community together.”

“I have learned that there are beautiful, unique souls with unique stories – all were very good, professional, artistically open, courteous, courageous and inspirational”

Meet sedona’s 2021 HUMAN BOOKS



Childhood traumas paved the way for a marriage full of abuse, manipulation, control and brainwashing. She will navigate through an array of challenges from a victim’s mindset and perspective that included shame, guilt, anxiety and codependency – finding her way to inner Freedom!


Body-Modified Addict

He was considered dumb and lived as a dropout, liar, thief, drug addict and alcoholic. At 18, he thought his life was over when his house was raided. With a mohawk and tatoos he receives stare-downs desipte at 32 he is a loving father , fulfilled husband and leader of a company and non-profit serving our community.

Brown Skin Muslim Woman

Shortly after arriving in America at age 15, she removed her hijab as High School students moved from the table when she sat down. She was bullied and mocked by fellow students with Muslim prayer calls. While in Greece, she was called a terrorist by an agitated Muslim refugee. As a Film Major in a male dominated industry, she is challenged when speaking her ideas.


Conservative Christian Mystic

He has experienced rejection from fundamental Christians for his Mystic beliefs, and from New Thought Religious communities for his conservative values . In speaking his Truth, he has experienced isolation from friends and colleagues. He has even been called a member of (the) “fascist right”.


Gay Black with HIV

After Spending years hiding in the closet as being gay and HIV+, he finally came out, yet often could not get housing on many occasions. He was told in 6th grade on his dream to be a teacher, “You need to be realistic.” In 2006 he retired after 32 years as a teacher and wrestling coach.


Gay man living with HIV

Living and facing life as an HIV positive Gay male he heard hateful language and jokes, said at other’s expense, and people believing misinformation, including politicians, community members, and coworkers. He failed to come out at an earlier age as it may have been detrimental to his career. One day, at the opening ceremonies of the original Gay Games in San Francisco, he had a break-through and decided he was no longer going to hide, and began a lifetime of education, advocacy, and activism for HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ issues.

Gun Owner 2nd Amendment Advocate

As a white male he is often seen as white-privileged, non-empathetic, paranoid, a Red Neck, a Racist, and uneducated. As a gunowner and conservative liberatarian there are assumtions of his lifesyle that are far from his experience

Hidden Chronic Illness

She has lived 30 years with an invisible and poorly understood multi-systemic disease. Because she looks healthy and because scientists have yet to uncover the root of the disorder, she is often judged by others as lazy, malingering, or not wanting to contribute to society. Little do they know the Herculean effort she puts in to trailblazing new medical understanding and hopefully a path to recovery. In the face of on-going hardships and losses that accompany this illness, she manages to create a satisfying life in Sedona, filled with close friends and activities that she can still enjoy.

Married Lesbian

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a woman – she was told not to consider a job she wanted and pursued with great success. She has been asked to “prove” her marriage to access benefits straight couples enjoy. And prior to marriage equality, she spent thousands on legal protections. She leads a very public life which has her address the prejudices often.

Multiple Personality Disorder

One woman’s 30 year healing journey of living with Dissociated Identity Disorder brought on by the trauma of severe childhood sexual abuse. Her compelling story describes the internal process of this controversial disorder.


Professional Dominatrix

She brings a safe sane consensual non-judgmental facilitation with human beings who want to explore fetish and kinks without developing a romantic tie to their experiences. Her fee-based offerings are customized for her clients. She has been seen as a slut, prostitute, and her intelligence lacking as a sex-worker. This book will be sharing the stereotype not the activites.


Single Female Astrologer

As a woman who has never been married, she has been excluded from dinner parties and events. She is challenged for being single as a spinster and old maid. As an astrologer she has been referred to as “voodoo woman” and “fortune teller”. Radical self-acceptance has helped her to fully emerge as an astrologer and no longer feel like a fraud.

Suicide to Healer

She went from drugs, depression and suicide to embark on a hero’s journey to recover her soul. Her solitary healing journey brought her back to her heart, introducing her to her passions, gifts and ikigai. She is now living the life of her dreams, working in the healing arts and newly married to the love of her life.


Following the first 25 years of their life as a woman, this person transitioned to a male. First transman in Arizona to win custody of his child. Following eight years of homelessness, he now has two Master’s degrees from the Harvard Business School. While the first part of life was spent finding herself, now he finds himself feeling like a liar to the world wearing a face of the “oppressor”. He wants to change stereotypes and expectations while holding true to his inner spirit – a loving human.


Wrongfully Accused White Male

Wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, skipped over in a promotion for being the wrong gender, physically assaulted on the job, wrongfully accused for rape has required deep forgiveness and finding ways to encourage communication and understanding.

The Human Library project is an international effort turned local. This movement has the potential to alter our hearts and minds as to how we regard those in our community who struggle with all kinds of societal judgments and stigmas.







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